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Athletes as Business Mentors

The athletes often face challenges to combine their sporting careers with education or work. “Dual career” arrangements are beneficial for athletes’ sporting careers, allow training or work, encourage them to reach a new career after a sporting career, and protect the position of athletes.

High-performance athletes have a significant role in their own society and also it is important to develop their skills as investors and business mentors. Since technology-oriented entrepreneurship is a relatively new research and education field in sport, the structured course curriculums that can be used by sports organizations, universities, career experts and educators to support the dual careers of elite athletes cannot adequately meet the needs of them.

Equipping athletes with a variety of entrepreneurial skills and competencies are essential for their self-employment and professional career. Skills such as flexibility and agility are vital especially to technology initiatives, and it is crucial for elite athletes to be able to use these skills in their business initiatives.

The overall objective of SPRINGBOARD project is to support the implementation of the EU Guidelines Dual Careers of Athletes through the development of ”the Training Curriculum on Innovation Oriented Entrepreneurship Based on Blended Learning Approach”.



The special aim of the project is to facilitate the transition of elite athletes to the entrepreneurship ecosystem and to increase their employability, including self-employment through development and implementation of a Massive Online Open Course – MOOC (with three training modules on ”Athletes as Investors”, ”Athletes as Business Mentors”, ”Athletes as Entrepreneurs.


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